Motto Distribution founder Alexis Zavialoff's presentation
'Back to basics'
Saturday 24 Nov, 15:15

A talk about various publishing models and their matching channels of distribution from peer to peer to business to business to Amazon and the likes. Alexis Zavialoff's 25 years of publishing experience starts from small scale self published fanzines in minimal print runs to artists' books produced in collaboration with galleries and institutions defined by substantial budgets and workflows. The lecture takes a technical look at how to produce publications and make them visible out in the world, through the many obstacles of logistics and retail.

Motto Distribution was founded in 2007 as a distribution company for Switzerland, specializing in magazines and fanzines. Since its conception, Motto has been dedicated to building and maintaining an infrastructure enabling more experimental artists' publication projects in sometimes very small print runs to find their audience. Today, Motto distributes more than 150 publishers to more than a 100 stores worldwide. Events are organized regularly, with a particular eye for art school environments and art spaces. Motto also collaborates widely with libraries and institutions.